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The first content optimization software your team will actually enjoy using

Cut your content research time from hours, to seconds

Frase automatically provides an intelligent outline for your target keywords.

Simply input your topics, and get the perfect recipe for your content to rank #1.

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Set your writing team up for success with briefs

Frase Content Briefs let your writers know exactly what you want done and how, removing the need for endless revisions.

Automatically generate a content brief from a keyword, or create a fully custom brief template with detailed brand guidelines.

Create scalable content optimization workflows

Easily invite freelance writers to your projects. Assign due dates, tag documents by stage, and instantly export to WordPress.

Import content from a live URL, or use our Google Docs integration to get Frase insights within your existing processes.

*Google Docs Launching Q1 2021

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A.I. makes writing for search engines easier

Frase Topic score updates in real-time, guiding your writers to the perfectly optimized article - every time.

You’ll dramatically increase the breadth of your content, and see results faster.

Dominate voice search and featured snippets

Less than half of Google searches now result in a click.

Frase Question Research helps your brand be more visible for Alexa, Siri, smart home devices, and the conversational web.

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Streamline your entire SEO + content process ♻️

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Topic Research

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Content Brief

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Content Creation

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Content Optimization

Frase Content is built for:

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Content Marketing Teams

✔️ More revenue from content

✔️ Increase team efficiency

✔️ Outrank your competitors

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In-House SEO Teams

✔️ One easy to use platform

✔️ Makes on-page a breeze

✔️ Search console integration

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Marketing Agencies

✔️ Improve client deliverables

✔️ Cost-efficient optimization

✔️ International language support

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