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Here’s what you get with Frase Content:


Cut your content research time from hours, to seconds

Content research can take hours. But with Frase Content, it’s like having a team of expert researchers at your fingertips.

  • Frase automatically provides an intelligent outline for every topic – no more wasting time clicking through endless websites looking for information.
  • You instantly get a list of related topics, headers, FAQs, statistics, recent news and interesting facts that you can use to quickly build a powerful story narrative.

Frase will guide you step by step, ensuring your research will be the best result for your target keyword. It’s that easy.

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Set your writing team up for success with content briefs

Ask any writer – their success or failure ultimately comes down to how well you enable them to do their best work.

  • Frase Content Briefs let your writers know exactly what you want done and how, removing the need for endless revisions that drive up your costs, and tie up your team.
  • Our intuitive editor automatically generates a content brief from a keyword, or your team can create a fully custom brief with detailed guidelines on tone of voice, style, governance and SEO recommendations.

Get your writing team completely aligned to your content + SEO strategy with Frase, and you’ll immediately see an impact.


Take the friction out of your content creation process

Creating great content at scale requires a great process. Your team can use Frase Content Editor to create documents right within Frase, or plug Frase into your existing workflows:

  • All Frase documents are publicly editable, making it easy for you to send assignments to your external writing teams.
  • Import content directly from a live URL for quick and easy content optimization projects
  • Send your drafts directly to WordPress, or link to the Frase editor in your project management task assignments.

Going from a keyword to a live article has never been easier.

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A.I. guides you to a perfectly optimized article - every time

The best SEO and content marketing teams in the world can’t rely on guesswork. They need data-driven insights at scale.

That’s why we built Frase Topic Score – a proprietary algorithm that scores your content against your competition.

  • Frase Topic score updates in real-time, guiding your writers to the perfectly optimized article. You’ll dramatically increase the breadth of your content, and see results faster.
  • Instantly identify content optimization opportunities that can increase content shelf life, and prevent traffic losses.

No matter how you use Frase Topic Score, it’s a game-changer.


Maximize brand visibility in the zero-click search era

Today 50% of Google searches don’t result in a click to a website. Why? SERP features – all of the ways search engines deliver answers directly vs sending traffic to your website.

We built Frase Question Research to help your brand be more visible when a click might not be an option. Add these FAQs to your content and you’ll create opportunities for:

  • Home smart speakers and hands-free mobile device search
  • Structured data, rich results and instant answers

The future of the web is conversational – Frase helps your brand stay visible and maximize every opportunity in search.

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Streamline your entire SEO + content process ♻️

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Topic Research

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Content Brief

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Content Creation

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Content Optimization

Frase Content is built for:

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Content Teams

Dramatically improve organic traffic results from your content go-lives. Give your team one easy to use place to research, create and optimize content.

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SEO Teams

Get a competitive advantage in the SERPs and more ROI from keyword research, on-page optimization. Improve alignment between Content and SEO.

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Marketing Agencies

Deliver more value to your clients. Improve client results and ship better client deliverables faster and cheaper. Whitelabel Frase with your services.

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