Pillar Page Template

Create a pillar page with our template as the foundation for your topic cluster.

Why create a pillar page?

A pillar page is everything a reader needs to know about a topic.

Pillar pages link out to cluster pages that are more in-depth articles about specific subtopics.

Think in terms of broad topics; e.g., AI writing, copywriting, tax accounting, 

For example, “SEO” is too broad; you’d be better with “e-commerce SEO” as a topic.

Include the target keyword and words such as Definitive, Ultimate, or Comprehensive.

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The introduction to a pillar page should include:

  • Explain the topic and why it is important
  • How to keyword
  • Why you are qualified to write about keyword

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  • What is [keyword], and why does it matter?
  • Background/History 
  • Terms to know about
  • Pros and Cons
  • Examples
  • How to do a task
  • FAQs
  • Tips
  • Analysis or results
  • Resources

Remind readers of the key lesson you want them to learn and direct your readers to other resources on your website.

Pro Tip: use a frase.io AI template to generate a conclusion.

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