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Increase revenue per visitor by delivering instant answers to questions on search, chat, and beyond.

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One Platform. Answers Everywhere.

No more silos, and broken experiences. Frase uses AI to organize your website content, and allow your visitors to get instant answers everywhere.

🔎 Frase Site Search

Consumer-grade search on your website. Easy to customize, designed for marketers.

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🤖 Frase AI Chatbots

Turn your content into answers with Frase Assistants, powered by conversational AI.

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🤓 Frase Answers API

Deliver answers everywhere. Develop custom experiences with Frase’s easy-to-use API.

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The impact of a unified answer experience

2x Conversion

Visitors who ask questions are 2X more likely to convert.

3x Engagement

Lower bounce rate, increased pageviews, and time on site.

+50% Automation

Increase self-service and contactless experiences.

All-In-One Efficiency

Gain more insights with a unified intent platform.

Single view of 1st party visitor intent data

Frase builds a centralized view of visitor intent data you can use to drive your content strategy, optimize for conversion, and increase self-service.

The fastest way to deploy conversational AI on your website

It all starts with your existing website content.

Frase aggregates your landing pages, product catalog, blog, help center, and resources into one intelligent knowledge.

As visitors engage Frase, you are able to train your AI model so answers get more accurate over time.

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Discover how answers impact your business with Frase Analytics

Frase analyzes every interaction and provides dashboards to help you understand visitor intent.

Frase Analytics tells you what topics are leading to conversions, what content you are missing, and ultimately, how answers influence revenue.

Create personalized experiences that delight and convert

Frase allows you to create highly targeted experiences based on the visitor’s profile and previous behavior.

Looking to deliver a custom greeting for return visitors? Wanting to provide a unique answer to existing customers?

Personalization drives engagement and conversion.

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Explore how our customers turn answers into revenue


How Rev automated thousands of qualifying questions and reduced live chat cost by 90%.


How Atolla automated their eCommerce sales funnel and increased conversions by 600%.

Desktop Metal

Why Desktop Metal chose Frase over traditional live chat and increased conversion rate by 18%.

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