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"We replaced live chat with Frase to automatically answer thousands of visitor questions every month. Frase eliminates live chat costs without compromising the customer experience. In the backend, Frase helps us create content that effectively addresses our customers’ problems."

The first affordable, effective and easy-to-use AI chatbot software

Drive more revenue from website content

Frase uses your website content to train the AI behind the scenes.

Link up your blogs, product pages, technical documents, support docs, FAQs.

Within minutes, you'll have an AI assistant on your site answering questions, converting qualified leads, and reducing support cases.

Accelerate your website buying journey

Frase makes buying from you easier than ever before.

Automatically answer key decision-making questions that are stopping your visitors from buying.

You'll see an instant increase in conversion rate and sales without human intervention.

One thing we’ve learned is that if anyone has unanswered questions about our product while on our site, they won’t complete a purchase. Frase helps us make sure that nobody needlessly bounces off the site.

Reduce costly customer support cases

You already spend a lot of time, money, and resources to build great help docs.

Frase makes sure your visitors can find answers to support questions.

You'll see a reduction in support costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

frase answers analytics

Analytics and insights built for growth teams

Our analytics tells you exactly how answers lead to revenue.

We integrate with Google Analytics, Segment, Hubspot CRM, and more.

Collect valuable first-party user data

Frase AI collects and organizes valuable questions and topics from engagements.

Use these insights to run experiments, and to inform your content strategy.

"We realized that most online experiences at Desktop Metal were beginning with a question. If we can be helpful at that moment and offer real value by instantly delivering the answer they’re looking for, they’re more likely to stay on the website, browse our other printers, experience the brand, and, ultimately, buy something."

Here's How Frase Answers Works:

Crawl and Index

✔️ Frase crawls your web content

✔️ We train AI using your content

✔️ Custom responses fill the gaps

Engage and Deliver

✔️ Create the bot look and feel

✔️ Create custom greetings

✔️ Ask questions & automate answers

Analyze and Report

✔️ Report on revenue impact

✔️ Collect first-party data

✔️ Use learnings to grow faster

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