Frase Answers

Frase Answers combines the power of site search and AI chatbots to accelerate your website buyer journey.

"We replaced live chat with Frase to automatically answer thousands of visitor questions every month. Frase eliminates live chat costs without compromising the customer experience. In the backend, Frase helps us create content that effectively addresses our customers’ problems."

Here's what you get with Frase Answers:

Say goodbye to complicated, frustrating chat decision trees

Traditional chat solutions take forever to implement, get more complex over time, and require significant human capital to maintain. Not Frase Answers.

  • Frase is ready to engage with your visitors in just minutes. You won’t waste countless hours maintaining your bot flow, or require extensive training / budget.
  • Frase can crawl your website content, support docs, FAQs – you have full control over what data we use to train your bot.

Because Frase uses your content to train its AI model there are no decision trees. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Accelerate the path to purchase with Answer Journeys

Answer Journeys cut the number of bounced sessions and missed conversion opportunities that big websites suffer from due to complex navigation and hard to find information.

  • When responding to questions, Frase will automatically suggest content at the next step in their buyer journey, driving more traffic to your money-making pages.
  • Frase identifies the landing page topic and intent, so it knows exactly what recipe will maximize conversions.

Frase helps you be more helpful. When you help visitors solve their problems, they spend more time engaging with your brand, and that’s how you drive more revenue.

Give your website a self-service experience your visitors will love

Self-service usually means a bot asking you a bunch of qualifying questions, waiting for a live agent, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a response in 24-48 hours.

  • Frase can use your support docs to answer repeat questions 24/7. You’ll instantly see a reduction of support inquiries and improve your customer experience.
  • When a visitor needs to talk to a person, you can send visitors through your current support process, or pull up another live chat provider instantly.

Frase is built to help you scale. Deliver answers with content when you can, and save your time for high-impact tasks.

frase answers analytics

Turn bot engagements into leads, customers, and revenue

Understanding the questions your visitors have before a conversion happens is a goldmine of information. Frase delivers those insights, and captures leads automatically.

  • Send detailed event data to Google Analytics. See what questions and answers drive conversions. Create audience segments with Frase and run A/B tests.
  • Ask for emails at just the right moment and send them into Hubspot CRM for follow-up, or kick off a drip sequence.

When you combine attribution with Frase data, you’ll unlock a new level of insight and deeply understand the journeys that influence purchasing decisions.

Collect customer insights and improve your content strategy

Every interaction is a chance to learn more about your customers. Frase gives you deep insights that scale across billions of interactions.

  • Frase AI automatically collects and organizes the questions your visitors ask. Our customer insights dashboard organizes the data so it’s easy to understand and report on.
  • Use these insights to improve your content strategy, run conversion experiments, update support docs, or train bot responses to customize the experience even further.

Frase help you understand your customers, and makes data collection, analysis and reporting a breeze.

"We realized that most online experiences at Desktop Metal were beginning with a question. If we can be helpful at that moment and offer real value by instantly delivering the answer they’re looking for, they’re more likely to stay on the website, browse our other printers, experience the brand, and, ultimately, buy something."

Here's How Frase Answers Works:

Crawl and Index

Frase uses your website content to train the AI behind the scenes. Link up your website content (blog, product pages, etc), technical documents, customer support docs, or any content that has a live URL. You have full control over the experience. No coding required.

Engage and Deliver

After only minutes, your bot is ready to be installed on your website. Customize the bot look & feel for your brand. Create multiple bot personas (marketing, sales, support, etc) based on the content that Frase crawls, or combine everything into one super-intelligent bot.

Analyze and Report

From the minute you install Frase it’s learning and reporting on the questions your visitors ask. The Frase analytics dashboard makes reporting a breeze. Absolutely no set-up required. Ask us about our customer data platform (CDP) integrations.

Ready to get started?

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