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What is a product description?

Product descriptions are short statements that describe the features and benefits to help customers make informed purchase decisions.

They can be used for e-commerce websites and repurposed for catalogs and social media marketing purposes.

How to use the Product Description Generator Tool

  1. Input – Input product name and keywords, separated by commas, describing key characteristics and attributes.
  2. AI Writer – Frase AI will perform some magic to write an outline for you.
  3. Output – Click copy icon then paste product description into a document or press Load more.

How do you write compelling product descriptions?

The secret to writing compelling product descriptions lies in the power of words.

Start with the product name.

If you have hundreds of products, create a spreadsheet and add the name of each product to a row.

Define the category.

The next step is to define the category each product belongs to; not only does this help when adding new inventory to your online store but helps you write better product descriptions.

Define Your Target Audience.

If you sell golf clubs, your audience isn’t just golfers; it’s more specific; e.g., golfers over 50 years of age with distance and accuracy problems.

Target Keyword.

Create a column in your spreadsheet called keywords.

For example, you are launching “dimmable led bulbs model 1“.

Do a quick search on Google and look at the highlighted words in the adverts; dimmable light bulbs and light bulbs.

Add these keywords to your keyword column.

Write down a list of features.

More than likely, your manufacturing supplier will include product features in their datasheets or packaging.

Failing that, you’ll need to write out product features yourself.

Add the features to another column in your spreadsheet.

Turn features into benefits.

To write compelling product descriptions, you must be able to craft customer benefits from a list of product features.

Tell a Compelling Story.

People buy products based on emotions.

You can use your product description as a hook to grab attention.

Product stories help you connect emotionally with customers.

Capture the Brand’s Tone And Voice.

You should write a great product description in a conversational tone.

The tone of the product description should match the style of the brand, and merchants should write both the brand and the product description professionally.

Use Bullet Points to Improve Readability.

People rarely read web pages word-by-word.

Instead, they prefer to scan them.

Your description should be easy to scan, and buyers should be provided with crucial information without going through the full copy.

Use bullets to make your copy easier to read.

Bullets help customers understand what you’re selling quickly.

Short paragraphs are another way to help make your product description more readable.

Bolding certain words help draw attention to important information.

Pricing and delivery.

Don’t forget to include the price in your product description.

If you offer payment plans, include this pricing option prominently.

Customers want to know the delivery options, e.g.: do you offer free next-day delivery?

Optimize for SEO.

If you’ve followed the previous steps, you should have complete product descriptions and are 90% of the way to optimizing your products for SEO.

The purpose of optimizing your product description is to earn search engine visibility.

Use your keywords in page titles, image tags, meta descriptions, etc.

What can our tool do?

If you sell your products on platforms such as Shopify, eBay, and Amazon, we can help write original product descriptions.

We can help you generate descriptions for products such as jewelry, clothing, sports equipment, and many more categories.

Product Description FAQs

What Is An Ideal Length Of A Good Product Description?

An ideal length for a product description is between 100 and 500 words. This will allow you to convey your message effectively while being concise enough to be scanned. 

Can I use the product description for my meta descriptions?

Yes, you can use the product details in your meta description. However, make sure to keep the product name short (less than 158 characters).

Product description generator vs. outsourced copywriting

You need to decide between an expert copywriter or a product description generator or AI Tool.

Both options cost money, but professional copywriters tend to be more expensive, but many have a proven record of crafting words that help sell products.

Using product description generators, you can train the AI to write product descriptions in your brand’s tone of voice and style.

While these tools may be cheaper than a copywriting service, there’s an AI learning curve you pay for.

Think about what kind of product you’re creating, and then choose accordingly.


Yes, you can use this tool for free!

This tool was created to give you a taste of AI-powered content creation.

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Frase uses a proprietary AI model trained on billions of web pages from across the Internet. Think of Frase AI as a large-scale autocomplete system – feed it some text and it will predict what goes next.

Frase AI can be trained and fine-tuned to perform specific tasks. This is accomplished through “AI Templates”, such as:

No, Frase uses its own proprietary AI model. This allows us to provide more flexibility, custom features, and competitive pricing.

In general, AI written content is unique and passes plagiarism checks. However, it is best practice to use a plagiarism checker tool like Grammarly or Copyspace before publishing AI written content.

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