Product Comparison Generator

Write a product comparison comparing two products or services.

1. Input

Input both products eg: Product A vs Product B

2. AI Writer

Frase AI will perform some magic to write a draft product comparison.

3. Output

Frase will output product comparison; then copy and paste into your document.

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Use our product comparison template to compare two products or services with our free AI tool.

Are you looking for a way to compare two products or services side-by-side? 

Our free AI tool will give you a clear picture of the differences between the two products.

The number of companies offering similar products has increased dramatically over the years, making it harder for consumers to choose the best option.

Our AI tool helps you compare products side-by-side and provide a detailed analysis of their features. It also saves time by giving a quick overview of each product.

How our product comparison tool works

  • 1. Input: enter Product A vs. Product B
  • 2. AI Writer: Frase AI will perform some magic to create a draft product comparison
  • 3. Output: Click the copy icon to paste it into your document.

What is a product comparison?

A product comparison helps potential customers evaluate the features and benefits of competing products or services before deciding to buy the right one.

When people compare different products or services, they are in the “evaluation of alternatives” stage of the buying process.

They have narrowed down a list of products or solutions that they believe can solve their problem.

However, they are unsure which products on their “shopping list” are the best option.

They are looking for reassurance from a trusted party to make the correct purchase decision.

And that’s why creating a product comparison is helpful. 

The product comparison template structure

Our AI tool will generate a product comparison with the following structure.

Think of this as a mini competitor analysis between two products (or services).

A marketing team may be reluctant to mention a competing brand on their website when comparing each other.

In that case, use this template to compare product features and show them to other internal teams.

However, right-click the image below if you want to use our product comparison template.


The comparison explains what is being compared why and encourages users to read the article.

What is product A?

AI will write a description of the first product.

What is product B?

Then write a description of the second product.

Top 5 features of product A

Then the tool will list the top 5 features of the first product.

This provides you with a framework to explain the features in more detail.

Top features of product B

Next, the tool will list the top 5 features of the second product.

Pros and cons of product A

AI will then generate a list of the pros and cons of the first product.

Pros and cons of product B

AI will then generate a list of the pros and cons of the second product.


And finally, the summary.

We’ll leave this task up to you.

But you should recommend which product, service, or company is the best choice for a particular task, outcome, or budget: and include a call to action.


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