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Identify questions your audience is asking and help answer their questions.

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Use our People Also Ask tool to identify questions your audience is asking and answer their questions.

How to use our People Also Asked Tool

  1. Enter a keyword and hit return on your keyboard.
  2. We’ll show several related queries.
  3. Highlight and copy them to a document.
  4. Or click the down arrow under related questions to reveal more People Also Ask questions.

What are the ‘People Also Ask’ Boxes in Google?

PAA boxes answer questions related to the user’s search query.

Each answer appears in an accordion question list, so you’ll need to follow the links provided for further details.

When clicking on PAAs, answers appear inside an overlay window that slides down when clicked on.

A clickable link takes you straight to the source, where you’ll find the full-text version of the answer.

According to Ahrefs, 43% of SERPs have PAA boxes.

Where do PAA questions come from?

Google uses machine learning to learn about users and then suggests similar questions to the queries they’ve searched for.

What queries trigger PAA?

People ask questions about things they don’t know about, and Google shows you the answer.

Google’s patent explains how it generates related questions based on previous searches.

Google’s algorithm determines which queries are most popular and ranks them accordingly.

The PAA box shows up if a question has enough interest.

Benefits of People Also Ask

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Higher visibility and organic traffic – “75% of the time People Also Ask results appear, it is within the top 3 results in Google, providing higher visibility” – Semrush.
  • Double ranking – according to Semrush it is possible to rank inside a PAA box and on the first page of Google; unlike other featured snippets.
  • Topical Authority – Once Google trusts you on a particular topic, it should be easier for you to get featured snippets.
  • Content ideas – PAA is a goldmine of content ideas to help you create better content for users.

How to rank for a People Also Ask featured snippet?

  1. Find search queries that your website ranks in positions 1 to 10.
  2. For each query, use to find the PAA queries.
  3. Check the SERPs to see the content and format that Google ranks, i.e., Header/Paragraph, List, or Table.
  4. Check your page to see if you have already answered the question.
  5. Update your page that answers the questions in the content format Google currently ranks for.

What is the difference between a featured snippet and People Also Ask?

The most common types of featured snippet opportunities are as follows:

  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Table 
  • Video
  • People Also Ask box

The main difference is that a People Also Ask tends to appear anywhere in the SERP; whereas the other types take position 0.

The other difference is that People Also Ask questions are never-ending; you can keep clicking to reveal more and more questions.


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