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1. Input

Input the target search keyword you want titles ideas for.

2. AI Writer

Frase AI will perform some magic to write a blog title for you.

3. Output

View the title ideas for your target keyword. Click the copy icon to paste into your document.

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Enter your target keyword into our blog title generator to generate unique, SEO-friendly titles.

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What is a blog title? 

A title tag gives searchers an idea of what they’ll find when they click through to your site.

A good title tag makes visitors want to click through to your site.

How to use our blog title generator?

  1. Input
    Input the target keyword you want titles ideas for.
  2. AI Writer
    Frase AI will perform some magic to write a blog title for you. (10 Titles)
  3. Output
    View the title ideas for your target keyword and press copy icon to copy to clipboard and paste into your document.

Why generate SEO or blog titles?

Your title tag is one of the most important factors determining what result people click after searching a query.

Your title provides a brief overview of your page, so they need to describe the pages’ contents accurately.

As long as the keywords are close enough to the start of the page’s title tag, they carry some weight with Google.

Write an interesting headline or title if you want readers to pay attention to your blog posts.

Write an attention-grabbing headline that’s both effective for your audience and optimized for the search engine spiders.

How to write a great SEO or blog title

  • Front-load target keyword
  • Include user intent or a benefit
  • Use numbers or brackets to boost the click-through rate.

You want to place the target keyword this page will target in the search engines at the very start of the title.

Make sure your title includes your target keyword.

Include an outcome or benefit for the user in the title before they click and read the page.

Using brackets in headlines increased clicks by up to 40%, according to a Hubspot study.


Yes, you can use this tool for free!

This tool was created to give you a taste of AI-powered content creation.

Start a Frase trial to gain access to more features.

Frase uses a proprietary AI model trained on billions of web pages from across the Internet. Think of Frase AI as a large-scale autocomplete system – feed it some text and it will predict what goes next.

Frase AI can be trained and fine-tuned to perform specific tasks. This is accomplished through “AI Templates”, such as:

No, Frase uses its own proprietary AI model. This allows us to provide more flexibility, custom features, and competitive pricing.

In general, AI written content is unique and passes plagiarism checks. However, it is best practice to use a plagiarism checker tool like Grammarly or Copyspace before publishing AI written content.

Frase AI helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.

Frase is trusted by 30,000+ content, SEO, and marketing teams.

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Frase is designed for agencies, marketing teams, and SEOs looking to scale their content creation process.

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