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Generate an outline for your blog posts and articles .

1. Input

Input title and brief description for the article you want to write.

2. AI Writer

Frase AI will perform some magic to write an outline for you.

3. Output

Frase will output heading ideas and a brief conclusion. Click the clipboard icon to copy it to your document, press load more or Re-Generate to try again.

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There are 7 steps to writing a blog post outline.

  1. Find a proven topic using keyword research.
  2. Understand what topic your audience and business want.
  3. Use our blog outline tool.
  4. Input a title.
  5. Write a description.
  6. From the output, choose the 4 headings and conclusion.
  7. Flesh out sub-headings from the headings before writing.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Start the keyword research process by researching your products, services, or topics you know about.

You can use one of these 3 tools for your research.

  • Ahrefs – enter your target keywords and filter by difficulty and clicks.
  • Frase Analytics – identify long-tail keywords that deserve a dedicated page.
  • Google Search Console.

Step 2: Understand your audience

There’s no sense in creating the blog post outline if there isn’t a valid business reason.

Identify what helps your target audience and your business.

For example, if you are an affiliate website, you might want to identify products to review or compare.

Or, if you are a service business, you might wish to create an instructional article that helps solve problems prospects are searching for.

We did our research and identified that people were searching for SEO tools, so we created several AI tools for SEO.

Step 3: How to use our blog outline generator tool

Our tool is straightforward; input title and brief description for the article you want to write.

Step 4: Write a title

So let’s say you intend to write a product review; you can enter the product’s name followed by the word review.

If the article is about skateboarding, enter “learn how to skateboard.”

Step 5: Write a description

In the description box, write a description; this is simply an extended version of your page title.

Step 6: The tool will generate 4 headings and a conclusion

Press the Generate button, and Frase AI will perform some magic to write a basic blog outline for you.

Frase will output a few heading ideas and a conclusion.

If you don’t like the first idea, scroll down to view the next one or press Regenerate.

Step 7: Flesh out the headings with sub-headings

Next, copy the outline and conclusion you prefer by clicking the copy icon into a Frase document or your writing editor.

Use the headings as a framework to generate sub-headings.

In this blog post outline example for “How to choose a microphone for your iMac,” one of the headings was “understanding the different types of microphones available.”

After a quick Google search, there are 3 types:

  • dynamic microphones
  • condenser microphones
  • ribbon microphones

So now you can write an introduction about the types of microphones before transitioning into the first type and writing about that.

This blog creation process of identifying sub-headings from headings provides a solid outline and makes writing more straightforward, more enjoyable for the writer and reader.

Finally, you’re ready to write your blog content.

Does the Blog Generator Tool only produce outlines for writing blog posts?


You can generate any article outline for “how-to” guides, service pages, listicles, product reviews, and most content formats.


Yes, you can use this tool for free!

This tool was created to give you a taste of AI-powered content creation.

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Frase uses a proprietary AI model trained on billions of web pages from across the Internet. Think of Frase AI as a large-scale autocomplete system – feed it some text and it will predict what goes next.

Frase AI can be trained and fine-tuned to perform specific tasks. This is accomplished through “AI Templates”, such as:

No, Frase uses its own proprietary AI model. This allows us to provide more flexibility, custom features, and competitive pricing.

In general, AI written content is unique and passes plagiarism checks. However, it is best practice to use a plagiarism checker tool like Grammarly or Copyspace before publishing AI written content.

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