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"Frase has an amazing, and affordable, service. We've seen solid gains across the board using Frase, and our team loves working with it!"

Scott Goldman
Head of Content at ServiceTitan

Frase takes the mystery out of getting SEO results from content

Frase plugs right into your content workflows and guides your writers to the perfect recipe, every time. Simply plug in your target topic, and share with your team.

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Here's how Frase helps you accelerate growth:

Frase Content

Dominate organic search results by being the best answer

Today less than 50% of searches result in a click to a website.

We help you optimize your content for performance in modern search engines, so you can achieve more #1 rankings.

Frase Answers

Remove the friction from your website buying journey

Accelerate the path to revenue on your website by answering questions that influence purchasing decisions.

Our unique approach to AI and machine learning makes it a breeze. No coding or decision trees to maintain.

Explore Frase Answers

Make buying from you easier than ever

Your website visitors are just 2-3 answers away from becoming a customer for life. Frase AI learns from your content, and automatically answers visitor questions 24/7.

Effective alone. Even better as one unified platform.

Frase offers a complete Answers Platform with all the tools and integrations you need to drive more revenue from content - whether you want to increase organic traffic, reduce support tickets, increase your conversion rate, or drive more revenue. They're great individual tools, but even better as one platform.

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✍🏼 Frase Content

Maximizes organic search visibility and traffic

Popular Features:

✔️ Automated Content Briefs

✔️ Content Optimization Workflows

✔️ Content Strategy Templates

🔍 Frase Answers

Maximize conversion rates and self-service automation

Popular Features:

✔️ Automated Sales Answers

✔️ Automated Support Answers

✔️ Answer Analytics Dashboard


"Frase automatically answers thousands of site visitor questions every month. In the backend, Frase helps us create content that effectively addresses our customers’ problems."

Barron Caster
Director of Growth @ Rev

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