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Generate meta description ideas for your articles and blog posts.

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A few ideas for meta descriptions you can use right away.Click the copy icon to paste into your document.

Take AI-powered content creation to the next level with Frase ✨

Generate meta description ideas for your articles and blog posts.

  1. Input: Write the title and target keyword for your post. Select creativity level and press Generate.
  2. AI Writer: Frase AI will perform some magic to write meta description ideas for you.
  3. Output: A few ideas for meta descriptions you can use right away. Click the copy icon to paste it into your document.

What is an SEO meta description?

An SEO meta description is a short piece of text that appears below your website’s title in Google and other search engines.

It helps you describe what your web page content is about in a few words.

This is an important part of SEO because it is your visitor’s first impression of your page and can influence whether people click on your link or not.

Are meta descriptions important for SEO?

In a 5 million search results study, pages with meta descriptions have a higher click-through rate than those without.

Meta descriptions are important because they help describe the content of your web page or blog post, which allows users to find your page when they type into their search bar.

The meta description also appears on the SERP, which is an opportunity to grab attention and persuade people to click through.

Meta descriptions are also important for social media marketing.

Many social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter display your page description in posts.

Are meta descriptions a  ranking factor?

Whilst meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, they can impact and encourage potential visitors to click your page result in the SERPs and boosting conversion rates.

Google rewrites meta description.

Recent research shows that Google is rewriting most meta descriptions in the organic search results.

According to Ahrefs, Google re-writes 62.78% of unique page descriptions.

According to Portent, 71% of meta descriptions for page 1 mobile results are reworded.

Google explained that they’re rewriting the meta descriptions to be more informative.

Examples meta descriptions

How to write great meta descriptions that get clicks

Here are some key steps to creating meta descriptions to improve organic traffic.

Step 1: Front-load target keyword

If you’ve already written your page title, you are halfway to writing a good meta description.

Front-load your target keyword near the start of your meta description to help get more clicks.

Step 2: Use Action Verbs

An action verb describes a task or activity, such as “generate”, “read”, or “launch”.

Using an active voice can encourage users to take action.

Step 3: Add a benefit

For example, a benefit for an e-Commerce product page could be “Free Delivery”. Or, a benefit within the description for a blog post could be “Free Template”.

Step 4: Unique

Write unique meta descriptions for each page on your site.

However, that’s not always possible when you have thousands of products on your website because it would be too time-consuming to edit each one manually.

If that’s the case, use Frase Analytics to pinpoint decaying, quick win or opportunity pages and manually rewrite those page descriptions.

Step 5: Clear, simple language

Above all, be clear and direct when writing for potential readers and customers.

Use the Frase SERP tool to preview your competitors’ language in their page descriptions.

How long should the meta description be?

Google’s meta description limit is measured in pixels.

The meta description might get trimmed by Google at around 960 pixels on a desktop device and about 680 pixels on mobile devices.

So try to keep the description character limit below 158 characters.

Our generator does its best to stick to these recommendations.

How to preview a meta description

If you want to preview your meta description in a browser without using our tool, here are two solutions.

Use Mangool Tools SERP Simulator to preview the meta description on desktop and mobile devices.

Or, if you use WordPress, both the Yoast SEO and Math Rank SEO plugins let you preview the page title and meta description on the page you create or edit.

Can you generate meta descriptions in bulk?

Currently, we’re not able to generate meta descriptions at scale. However, our tool can generate an unlimited number of meta descriptions from the title and keyword you input.

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