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Frase is an end-to-end SEO content creation workflow, powered by AI. You'll go from content idea, to SEO results faster and easier than ever before.

Frase Outline Builder

Turn content ideas into outlines that drive more organic search traffic

You need to write about topics with search demand if you want to win in SEO, but the process is slow and laborious. So we decided to make it 10X easier, and 10X more effective.

Enter a topic and get tons of related keywords with monthly search volume, related questions from Google, Quora and Reddit. Customize with search intent modifiers. It's never been easier.

Frase Content Briefs

Turn outlines into highly detailed content briefs automatically with AI

Frase content briefs help your writers create content that hits the mark, reduces endless revisions, and drives more organic results.

Don’t leave your content up to guesswork, create detailed instructions that are designed to help you get more results from organic search.

Frase Content Optimization

Score your content for target keywords, guiding writers to the perfect article

With Frase, you don't need to be an SEO expert to get more results from organic search. Frase will guide your writers to the perfect recipe in real-time.

Tell Frase what topic you want to write about, and we’ll show you exactly how to get maximum organic traffic. Frase Content Optimization is simple, intuitive, and built to fit into your workflows.

Frase Content Analytics

Uncover more traffic opportunities and prevent content decay

Go way beyond the standard reporting found within Search Console without having to build out complicated reports.

Our AI will cluster your GSC data to provide deep(er) content insights. We'll also notify you of content decay risks before you lose traffic.

The fastest-growing brands and agencies use Frase

No matter how big and complex your content operations are, Frase will scale with you. Your writers will thank you, and so will your bottom line.

Frase + Google Docs Integration

Get Frase content optimization recommendations in real-time without losing the collaboration features you love.

brendan hufford

"I’ve spent a great deal of time comparing tools to get the most out of what I write. Frase feels like you’re using content marketing cheat codes."

Brendan Hufford
Growth Content Marketer @ ActiveCampaign

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