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Marketers are increasingly using AI Writers for long-form SEO content creation. However, AI-generated content usually lacks the breadth and depth that SEO-optimized content requires. For this reason, marketers end up having to combine AI writers with SEO optimization tools. But is that the right approach?

One popular AI + SEO combo is Jarvis + SurferSEO.

Here’s why Frase provides a more effective and affordable solution to anyone looking to seamlessly combine AI and SEO:

Productivity: all-in-one solution vs. two disparate tools

Instead of having to manage 2 different tools, Frase centralizes all of your SEO content writing in one place. This allows Frase to more deeply integrate SEO and AI for superior and faster outputs.

All in all, Frase offers a much simpler solution because it has both AI and SEO features in one place.

Cost: save more than 50% with Frase

Jarvis integrates with Surfer, but you still have to own subscriptions for both products separately. With Frase you can save over 50% for the same value proposition:

  • Surfer Basic ($59/mo) + Jarvis Pro ($110/mo) = $170/mo
  • Frase Basic ($45/mo) + AI Addon ($35/mo) = $80/mo

SERP-inspired content generation

Writing good prompts and setting context is critical for AI content generators. Instead of having to come up with your own prompts, Frase gives you direct access to the SERP (“search engine results pages”) content so you can feed the AI as quickly as possible. 

The outcome is a faster workflow and more on-topic AI content generations.

Unrestricted AI

Frase does not rely on 3rd party APIs to generate AI content, which removes any constraints related to output length or topic filtering. This also allows Frase to be more affordable and build more features without cost concerns.

Unlimited usage

Since Frase does not rely on 3rd party APIs to generate AI content, we are able to provide unlimited usage at a more affordable price. In contrast, other tools pay a bigger toll and have to significantly bump their prices to provide an unlimited plan. 

But it’s not just about features

Let’s be honest: product comparison pages like this are usually biased. When bloggers create them, they just favor the option with the best affiliate commissions. When vendors create them, their tool undoubtedly wins. Yet, people will still ask us: how’s Frase better than SurferSEO?

We believe customers not just buy features, but also buy brands they can trust and invest in long-term. So instead of trying of going too hard comparing both tools side-by-side, here are a few reasons as of why we believe you will love working with us:

Frase was founded in Boston back in 2016 when AI and NLP technologies were scarce and open-source libraries barely existed. We had no choice but to create our own technology.

Fast forward five years, AI and NLP are quickly becoming democratized. It is easier than ever to build a Frase competitor using third-party APIs. Yet, we believe owning our technology is one of Frase’s biggest competitive advantages.

While everyone uses Google and IBM Watson to do topic analysis, we developed our own Named Entity Recognition system. While everyone uses GPT-3 for content generation, we developed our own AI model. And the list goes on. 

Why does this matter to our customers? By developing our own technology, we can:

  • Provide more affordable prices: since we don’t pay third-party APIs, we have more flexibility around pricing.
  • Provide more custom features: we are able to continuously fine-tune our models and features to fit our customers’ needs. 
  • Be a more sustainable company: we are building to be the best company long-term, we don’t believe in technology shortcuts.

Marketers are increasingly using AI-powered content writers to speed up content creation, including long-form. However, AI-generated content usually lacks the breadth and depth that SEO-optimized content requires. For this reason, marketers end up having to combine AI writers with SEO optimization tools.

However, using SurferSEO in tandem with another AI copywriting tool is not ideal for obvious reasons:

  • You end up paying double in subscription fees
  • Your productivity suffers due to the back and forth

Frase is a unique solution because it aims to offer the best from both worlds: a robust combination of SEO optimization and AI writing. This translates into significant cost savings, and gains in productivity.

While we serve SEOs and analytical minds, we will always strive to build a tool to support the creative process. We don’t necessarily believe in the data-driven tactics behind “creating SEO content”, but rather in empowering marketers to become more creative and strategic.

And most of this creativity gets funneled through the Frase Editor. Instead of building complex dashboards and reports, Frase tries to centralize most functionality in a word processor. We like to think of Frase as a next-generation Microsoft Word – built for SEOs and marketers.

There are a lot of layers to a successful content marketing operation: the in-house marketing team, the agency, the freelance writers, etc. At Frase, we don’t want to only serve the larger teams and corporations, but we also aim to be accessible to the smaller stakeholders. Whether you are a Fortune 100 company, or a 1-person agency, we believe in self-service and flexible pricing.

In addition, we believe in the importance of unlimited. Most AI and SEO tools will not be able to provide customers with unlimited usage due to their reliance on third-party APIs. At Frase, our Team Plan provides unlimited usage at only $114/mo. This is a big deal for any customer who truly needs to scale content operations without breaking the bank.

And beyond all of that…the main reason you should consider Frase is because we take care of our customers:

G2: 143 reviews with 4.8 rating (source)

Capterra: 296 reviews with 4.8 rating (source)

Appsumo: the biggest launch in Appsumo’s history (source)

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