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The Frase Affiliate Program

Make money promoting Frase content and conversational AI tools

Monetize your audience with recurring revenue streams as a Frase affiliate partner.

Join the Frase affiliate program if you can help us reach

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Why should you become a Frase affiliate?

The reason is quite simple: Our customers love the platform.

They love it so much, we had the biggest launch in the history of AppSumo. Since then, we’ve been growing steadily through word of mouth and speaking highly of us across social channels.

Here’s a few resources you may find helpful:

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Over 10,000 agencies, SEOs and marketers use Frase Content every day to create content that ranks

Here’s the cool thing about Frase – our NLP tech is all built in-house by our AI researchers and engineers, which provides us a few distinct advantages:

  1. CostFrase Content is by far the most cost-effective solution on the market. That makes it easier to sell to your audience.
  2. Flexibility – Since we develop our tech internally, we can act on product suggestions faster and easier than anyone else. Give us a shout if you have product ideas, we’d love to hear your feedback.
  3. More than SEO – We are building a platform that offers significantly more revenue upside than other SEO tools. You’ll see much higher commissions when you refer customers that use both Content and Answers.
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"I’ve spent a great deal of time comparing tools to get the most out of what I write. Frase feels like you’re using content marketing cheat codes."

Brendan Hufford
Founder @ SEO for the rest of us

Frase Answers helps your audience deliver amazing on-page experiences that other tools can't match

Frase Answers helps your audience deeply understand their visitors by analyzing the intents from our search, chat, and API products.

Content teams, SEOs, and performance marketing teams love the all-in-one solution which perfectly compliments Frase Content because the better you understand what your visitors want, the more you can help solve their problems.

No other competitor to Frase Content can offer this to your audience.

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Becoming a Frase affiliate has a TON of benefits:

33% recurring revenue share on paid Frase subscriptions (for life).

A dashboard to see the status of all referred customers and payouts.

Dedicated resources and support to help you sell faster, and easier.

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Frase Affiliate Program FAQs

How much commission will I get?

We pay 33% commission on monthly recurring revenue. If a customer pays up-front annually, we pay 33% on that amount once the customer payment has cleared.

When do our affiliates get paid?

We pay our affiliates on a quarterly basis. Payouts are issued the first week of the first month of every quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).

Who can apply to be a Frase affiliate?

Anyone who has an audience that reaches our best fit customers. That usually falls right in between the intersection of SEO, content and performance marketing professionals.

Do I need to be a Frase customer to be an affiliate?

Usually, yes. We want promoters of Frase to understand the product and be aligned to our mission. We may make exceptions for affiliates with significant reach to our target audience, or if ther are other promotional opportunities available that benefit both of us.

What is the dormant affiliate policy?

We perform semi-annual reviews of our affiliates program, where we review the performance of our affiliate partners. Affiliates who are classified as “dormant”, meaning they have not driven a conversion since the last review period may be removed from the program. We will notify a minimum of 30 days prior to removal from the program to make sure you have time to adjust.

We do this because we put a lot of time, energy, and resources to ensure our affiliates are successful. We look at affiliates as true partners of the business, and thus, we only have bandwidth to work with affiliates who produce a reasonable amount of revenue for our time committed. If you have any questions about this policy, include your questions on your application and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

How can I become a Frase affiliate?

We currently require an application to become a Frase affiliate. We do this to ensure your promotion aligns with our growth strategy. Fill out the form above and once our review window opens up, we’ll let you know if you’re accepted.

Does it cost anything to be a Frase affiliate?

No, our program is completely free.

What is the best way to promote Frase as an affiliate?

We want you to be creative in the way you promote Frase. Our best affiliates are seeing results by showing off Frase products when they share a strategy, secret tip, or charts showing the results you’ve been able to achieve by using Frase. However, use your imagination!

What promotion is against Frase affiliate policy?

We want to be a respected brand and we take that seriously. We consider any misleading promotional strategies a violation of our terms and if an account is in violation of this policy, we reserve the right to terminate the account and take action to protect our brand.

Examples of this:

  • Bidding on our brand keywords to drive commission.
  • Promoting Frase in spammy, or misleading ways.

Who is responsible for link tracking and/or attribution?

We use third-party software to track affiliate commissions, so we do not have control over issues with tracking commissions. It is your responsibility to ensure tracking is working properly, and to make sure you have the proper link tracking in place. This link will be provided to you upon acceptance into the program. We are happy to work with you to QA issues from time to time, just email us and we’ll be happy to help.

What type of conversions get paid commission?

We only pay out on paid subscriptions. If a user signs up for a free account via your affiliate link, we do not pay a commission. If the user converts to a paid subscription after signing up for free, we will pay out on that revenue.

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