Content Briefs As-a-Service

Say goodbye to mediocre content briefs. Our team of Certified Experts will send you quality briefs every month.

Limited Time Offer: $25 per content brief

“We know that a good article starts with a great content brief that gives writers direction and focus. Frase’s content briefs make sure all briefs have the information needed to create SEO-optimized content. This service allows me to devote more time to other core parts of my project and put out more great content.”
Julien Heron
Founder @ Outdoor Generations


Content Briefs Are Key To SEO Success

Content briefs play a critical role in any successful SEO content workflow. Content briefs allow you to:

  • Provide guidance and align expectations with writers
  • Make writers more productive with strategic research
  • Reduce the number of revisions
  • Create a repeatable process
  • Hit your content production goals


Your Content Briefs Don’t Cut It

Keyword research and freelance writers aren’t enough. You need to empower your writers with rich content briefs – every time.

Before Frase:

❌ not enough time to craft quality content briefs

❌ little guidance and research provided to the writer

❌ each content brief looks different and process isn’t standardized

❌ hard to scale content production due to bottleneck

❌ time spent on revisions and back-and-forth with writer

After Frase:

✅ outsource content brief creation to Frase

✅ outline and SERP analysis provided to the writer

✅ highly templeatized content briefs for a repeatable process

✅ consistently hit your SEO content production goals

✅ minimize revisions, and spend more time on strategy

Turn Content Briefs Into Your Competitive Advantage

Frase’s Content Brief Service delivers flawless content briefs crafted by Frase-certified content creators. 


Order and receive briefs inside the Frase platform.


Turn brief creation into a consistent, repeatable process.


Limited Time Offer: $25 per content brief.


Money-back guarantee – pay for value only.

“Even excellent writers can fall short if they don’t have a clear direction. That’s why we always create briefs using Frase. We’ve had excellent results, but brief creation can be time-consuming. It requires focused time, which we don’t always have. Frase’s Content Brief service solved this for us. It really improved our content workflow. We identify the persona and keyword we’re targeting, have a Frase Certified Expert create a preliminary brief, then modify the brief as needed. We now have more time to focus on strategy for our clients.”

Scott Pressimone
Strategist @ Growth Connect

So, What do Frase Content Briefs Look Like?

Content Briefs are crafted by our Frase Fellows, a community of Frase experts that get additional training and engagement.


Frase Content Briefs is a subscription service. We currently offer 3 packages with Limited Time Offers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Content briefs are created by a team of Frase-certified Experts. These writers receive additional training on the Frase content brief creation methodology.

Each Frase writer is engaged with up to 5 customers at a time.

On average, Frase briefs are delivered within 5-7 days.

It is important to understand that Frase Content Briefs are supposed to be delivered 1 month ahead of your regular content plan.

The typical customer will have a content plan for the next 3-6 months. Every month, Frase will deliver content briefs, which will be turned into full articles the following month.

Every content brief must be approved by the customer upon delivery. If the content brief doesn’t meet expectations, Frase will return your credits to you.

Customers have access to a form to submit new content brief requests.

Each content brief request has a set of requirements, including:

  • Target keyword
  • Target country
  • Audience
  • CTA
  • And more optional fields

You can order up to 4 content briefs in a given week.

Frase provides 3 monthly subscription plans:

  • 4 briefs/mo: $100
  • 8 briefs/mo: $200
  • 12 briefs/mo: $300

If you need more than 8 content briefs per month, we will provide a more custom managed service to meet your needs – including priority support, faster turnaround times, custom templates, and more.

Why are we doing this?

Frase is a software business, why launch a service?

Customer demand

Many Frase customers need an extra push to hit their SEO goals. Sometimes software isn’t enough, and you need extra help to get the job done.

Practice what we preach

By using our own product to deliver this service, we can improve the product faster, and educate the community on everything we learn along the way.

Build “Frase Economy”

Frase’s Content Brief Services supports all of stakeholders involved in the Frase community: freelancers, agencies, and in-house teams.