How To Template

Use our template to research, write, and rank your how-to guides.

Why create a how to article?

A how-to guide is a set of instructions to help readers achieve their desired outcome.

In a study of 1067 content marketers, 76% published how-to guides.

Use any keyword research tool and filter a seed keyword with the modifier “how.”

Pro Tip: use Outline Builder and filter the target keyword using the “how” keyword modifier.

Include how to, target keyword, number of steps, and a result or outcome.

Pro Tip: use to identify the page titles your competitors are using.

Invite the reader to learn about the target keyword and the benefits or outcome by following the instructions in this article.

The introduction should include three elements:

  • Learn –> “how to” –> keyword
  • get a specific benefit
  • from these number of step-by-step instructions

Pro Tip: use AI template to write an introduction to your article.

Pro Tip: use to identify the headings your competitors are using or use these suggested headings.

  • What is the target keyword?
  • Step 1 (followed by instructions)
  • Step 2 (followed by instructions)
  • Step 3 (followed by instructions)
  • etc

Remind the reader of the outcome or result achieved by following these steps and include a call to action.

Pro Tip: use a AI template to generate a conclusion.

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