Content Refresh Template

Use our content refresh template to better rank existing pages with these 7 easy steps.

Why refresh content?

Your page rankings could have fallen due to higher competition, Google’s freshness factor, or a drop in interest.

Refresh existing content to boost search visibility and clicks.

Choose a decaying page with Frase Content Analytics.

Create a document to analyze the content.

Frase takes any search query that you want to rank for and analyzes the top 20 Google results for that query.

Identify any topic gaps.

Write a new page title and front-load the target keyword.

Pro Tip: use to identify the page titles your competitors are using.

Write a new page introduction, including the target keyword encouraging readers to read the page.

Pro Tip: use AI template to write an introduction to your article.

Add or rewrite any header gaps.

Pro Tip: use to identify your competitors’ headings.

Select SERP –> Headings to identify any current headings that could be included or rewritten.

Select Optimize –> Headers –> Topic Gap to identify other headings that could be included or rewritten.

Incorporate any long-tail phrases in the body of the article.

Write a more persuasive conclusion and call to action.

Pro Tip: use a AI template to generate a conclusion.

Customize this template with Frase

Are you looking to create SEO content with a repeatable and scalable process? Content templates can help, and they are even better inside Frase’s AI-powered content editor. With Frase you also can:

  • Automate SERP analysis and topic research
  • Generate content briefs and outlines
  • Rewrite and expand your content with AI
  • Optimize your content and improve your search rankings

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