Comparison Article Template

A comparison (vs) article helps a reader evaluate the features and benefits of competing products or services before deciding to buy the right one.

Why create a comparison article?

Our template makes it easier to rank product or service comparison articles in search engines.

Use a keyword research tool and filter the results with the modifier “vs.” or “or” or “versus.”

Pro Tip: use Outline Builder and filter the target keyword using the “compare” or “versus” keyword modifiers.

Include the 2 products or services you are comparing.

e.g., Blue Yeti vs. Rode. Which is the best USB Microphone?

Pro Tip: use to identify the page titles your competitors are using.

The introduction of the comparison article should explain what you are comparing, why and encourage users to read the article.

Pro Tip: use AI template to write an introduction to your article.

Pro Tip: use to identify your competitors’ headings or use these suggested headings.

The reader can learn about one product or service before moving on to the next using this heading structure.

  • Product, Service, Company A
    • Feature 1
    • Feature 2
    • Feature 3
  • Product, Service, Company B
    • Feature 1 Equivalent
    • Feature 2 Equivalent
    • Feature 3 Equivalent

This article uses the first structure.

The product or service features are emphasized in this structure, and the reader gets a direct side-by-side comparison with this heading structure.

  • Feature 1
    • Product, Service, Company A Details
    • Product, Service, Company B Details
  • Feature 2
    • Product, Service, Company A Details
    • Product, Service, Company B Details
  • Feature 3
    • Product, Service, Company A Details
    • Product, Service, Company B Details

This article uses the feature comparison structure.

Use the structure that’s best suited to the products, services, or companies that you are comparing.

The conclusion should recommend which product, service, or company is the best choice for a particular task, outcome, or budget: and include a call to action.

Pro Tip: use a AI template to generate a conclusion.

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