Automate eCommerce sales and service with artificial intelligence

Our fully integrated site search and chatbots automate answers to repeatable questions so you can spend more time running your business.

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"We replaced live chat with Frase to automatically answer thousands of visitor questions every month. Frase eliminates live chat costs without compromising the customer experience. In the backend, Frase helps us create content that effectively addresses our customers’ problems."

Welcome to the future of e-commerce 📈

Automate answers to every question your visitors have, and turn them into brand advocates.

Help shoppers buy with beautiful site search that automatically updates

Frase AI will automatically crawl your website, look for products, and organize your images, price and description.

We automatically keep your product searches up to date. Absolutely no work required on your end, just press publish.

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Turn browsers into buyers with virtual personal shopping assistants

Our AI chatbots are built to help you convert more website traffic into customers, and get a better ROI on ad spend.

Visitors can ask any sales, product, or support question and our AI chatbots will answer around the clock.

We give you full control. You can completely customize the responses and the bot look and feel for your brand.

"We realized that most online experiences at Desktop Metal were beginning with a question. If we can be helpful at that moment and offer real value by instantly delivering the answer they’re looking for, they’re more likely to stay on the website, browse our other printers, experience the brand, and, ultimately, buy something."

Reduce support cases by over 50% with automated support answers

Frase AI learns from your customer support docs and answers questions automatically from anywhere on your site.

Our Shopify integration provides order status updates so your customer support teams don't have to.

If an answer can't be automated, Frase will create a support ticket on your customer's behalf.

frase integrations

Seamlessly transfer conversations to your existing live chat provider

If your visitors ever need to talk to a human, you can instantly hand the conversation off to the live chat provider of your choice.

We also integrate with your front end data platforms, CRMs and customer support platforms to work within your existing workflows.

Our customers are seeing incredible results 💰

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Increase Sales

Make it easier to buy from you than ever before. Remove the friction from your store.

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More Brand Trust

Build great relationships that lead to positive reviews and word of mouth sales.

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Deliver Instant Answers

Don't lose conversions to slow service. Frase delivers answers immediately.

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Improve Paid Ads ROI

Frase customer experiences leads to higher conversion rates, and improved ROI.

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Increase Avg Order Value

Frase helps your visitors add more products to their cart, without you doing a thing.

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More Time On Site

The more helpful your customer experience, the more time shoppers spend on site.

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