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Turn content ideas into SEO research faster with Frase Outline Builder

Frase outline builder helps you turn content ideas into outlines that drive more organic search traffic.


Going from content idea, to keyword research, to content outline doesn't have to be so time consuming

You need to write about topics with search demand if you want to win in SEO, but the process is slow and laborious. So we decided to make it 10X easier, and 10X more effective.

Enter a topic and get tons of related keywords with monthly search volume

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to turn content ideas into outlines that perform in organic search.

Simply enter the topic you want to write about, and we’ll fetch monthly search volume and related longtail keywords.

Pick the keywords you want to use, and Frase will start building your outline in a neat and organized list.

We'll find topically related questions from Google, Quora and Reddit

Answering related questions in your content helps your readers, adds value to your content, and helps you rank for more keywords.

We’ll scour the web for you and find every question you could possibly imagine. You can pick from the list, and add to your outline.

Everything is neatly organized for you, so all you have to do is pick, and click.

Optimize your outlines for search intent with SEO keyword modifiers

Making sure your keywords all signify the intent that searchers have is a critical aspect of success in SEO content optimization.

With Outline Builder, you can filter your keywords and questions for the exact intent you want to optimize for in your article.

Creating a “best X” article? Choose commercial keywords to make sure your outline matches what searchers are looking for.

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