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Take the guesswork out of writing for SEO with Frase Content Optimization

Frase scores your content for target keywords in real-time, guiding writers to the perfect article for massive SEO results.

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With Frase, you don't need to be an SEO expert to get more results from organic search 💪

Tell Frase what topic you want to write about, and we’ll show you exactly how to get maximum organic traffic. Frase Content Optimization is simple, intuitive, and built to fit into your workflows.

Make sure your content answers the needs of your target audience

Frase Content Optimization analyzes what your target audience is looking for, suggests key topics to write about, and questions you need to answer in your content.

With Frase, your writers don’t need to be an expert on every topic.

We’ll show them what your audience is looking for, what’s been said by your competitors, and how to combine those insights to create content that ranks #1.

See exactly what topics your competitors are using in their content

Frase Topic Heatmap makes the content optimization process a breeze. Plug in your target keywords and we’ll show you exactly what topics the top ranking sites are talking about.

Instead of looking at a large list of topics, Frase helps you zero-in on what topics are getting talked about in content that’s already ranking.

It helps your writers create more competitive content, and saves them tons of time.

Share documents with your writers and plug Frase into your workflows

Frase optimization projects can be shared with your writers, including the ability to set privacy and access restrictions.

Include Frase document links in your favorite project management tools. We fit neatly into your existing processes.

You can also manage your processes within Frase with our team document folders, task assignment, and due date options available on every docuument.

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