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Uncover more traffic opportunities with Frase Content Analytics 🔎

Frase makes it easier to measure organic growth, avoid content decay and discover new keyword opportunities.


The best part? You don't need to give up control of your GSC data to get the benefits of Content Analytics 🔒

We realize that keeping your invaluable GSC data private is important to you. We never store, sell or keep copies of your search console data.

Easily see organic growth at the page, query, question or cluster level

Go way beyond the standard reporting found within Search Console without having to build out complicated reports.

With Frase Content Analytics, we’ll show you which pages are making an impact, which pages need some work, and easy visualizations to see how your content impacts the bottom line.

Our AI will cluster your GSC data to provide deep(er) content insights

Understanding how your content impacts an entire cluster of content isn’t possible out of the box with Search Console.

Frase AI will cluster your keywords by topic so you can see how your content is performing in aggregate for specific topics.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find quick wins.

Identify low hanging fruit, import and optimze your content in just two clicks

Frase makes it easier than it ever has been to identify and act on content optimization opportunities.

We’ll show you quick wins trapped in your GSC data. You can easily import the content and improve it with just two clicks.

It has never been easier to avoid content decay.

Content analytics helps you work smarter, not harder 💪


How Fugue drastically improved content ROI, and revenue from organic search with Frase.

Embryo Digital

How Embryo Digital scaled their SEO content operations with Frase Content workflows.


How Platonik reduced content creation time by 40% with Frase automated content briefs.

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