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A complete content optimization platform that helps your team create content that ranks and converts.

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Frase doesn't help you write “SEO content”. Frase helps you create amazing content that drives SEO results.

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"Frase feels like a next-gen content tool that's not just exciting for SEOs, but for writers as well. In my mind, that's more important to create successful content."

Kevin Indig - Director of SEO @ Shopify

🔍 Frase Outline Builder

Quickly create content outlines that include monthly search volume, autocomplete keywords, and related questions.


📝 Frase Content Briefs

Automate highly detailed content briefs for your writers. Make sure your SEO strategy transfers to the end product.

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♻️ Frase Content Optimization

AI automatically analyzes the top search results and guides your writers to the perfectly optimized article. Every time.

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📈 Frase Content Analytics

Frase makes it easier to measure organic growth, avoid content decay and discover new organic growth opportunities.


The impact of a complete content optimization platform

10X Content ROI

Align your content to organic search demand and see more traffic, leads and revenue.

More Organic Traffic

Our customers see between 300% – 500% more organic traffic when using Frase.

Unlimited Scale

If you’re doing 10 articles per month or 10,000, Frase scales every step of the way.

Streamline Processes

One platform for your entire process. From research to briefs, and optimization.

To win in search today, you must be the best answer

Frase helps you dominate real-estate on page one for your target keywords. You’ll win even when a click isn’t an option.

Cut your content research time from hours, to seconds

With just one click, Frase will automatically generate an intelligent outline for your target keywords.

We analyze the search results and within seconds you’ll get everything you need to create an amazing article that performs in search.

Stop wasting time doing manual research, and focus more on creating amazing content.

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Custom brief templates make your SEO process easier than ever

With custom templates, you can help your writers quickly get up to speed on your target personas, SEO strategy, and governance.

Create a one-stop shop for your writers so they don’t miss a beat, and you don’t need to go through endless revisions.

You’ll immediately see better results, and your writers will feel enabled to do their best work.

Rank for hundreds of valuable keywords with each article

Our topic scoring NLP technology identifies every topic your SEO content needs to address in order to rank #1.

We’ll show you a score from 0-100 so your writers know exactly what topics to write about.

The more thorough your content is, the more keywords you’ll rank for. Your organic traffic results will skyrocket.

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Automatically generate headings & FAQs with Frase NLG

Frase NLG (Natural Language Generation) is artificial intelligence software designed to create content based on text inputs.

Our NLG is trained over billions of documents, and attempts to gain a universal understanding of the world through language.

You can instantly generate headings and FAQs with a click of a button. Your content will land featured snippets and rank for high-intent keywords.

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