Engage Your Visitors 24/7 with Frase AI Chatbots

Convert more organic traffic and reduce bounce rate with Frase Chatbots, powered by conversational AI.

frase ecommerce ai chatbot

Frase Chatbots make your website traffic more sticky

Instead of watching visitors go back to Google and make another search, give them a helpful assistant that can guide them all the way to becoming a customer.

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Frase artificial intelligence gives your content the visibility it deserves

Have you ever been asked a question that a blog post, product page, FAQ snippet or support doc could answer?

Frase Chatbots automatically identify which pages can answer visitor questions. We’ll automatically recommend the page to the visitor, helping your content get visibility months after the publish date.

frase ecommerce ai chatbot

Answer sales questions 24/7 so you never miss a revenue opportunity

Unlike live chat, Frase is ready to sell 24/7. We train the AI bot to mimick your sales team, so it’s always ready to convert visitors.

Frase Chatbots help you monetize more organic traffic by making your site incredibly helpful.  You’ll instantly get more revenue attributed to organic search, and show more ROI for your efforts.

Educate your customers and reduce support tickets by over 50%

Frase chatbots respond to support questions instantly. Send your customers to the right support docs no matter where they are across all of your websites. No coding or decision trees to manage.

Attach videos, send attachments, or automatically create support tickets. It’s the easiest way to reduce support tickets by automating answers to repeatable questions. Save your budget and time for more impactful projects.

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Desktop Metal

Why Desktop Metal chose Frase over traditional live chat and increased conversion rate by 18%.

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