Platonik Case Study

How Platonik reduced content creation time by 40% with Frase

About Platonik

Platonik provides SEO training, keyword research, website consultation, and content services for agencies and companies of all kinds. Platonik’s mission is to help clients improve their SEO knowledge and grow their organic traffic by creating better content for search audiences and earn better links to their websites.

Using AI to Create Quality Content that Ranks

The Who

Fraser McCulloch is the founder and CEO of Platonik, and has been an SEO and content expert for over a decade. Having built over 250 lead generation and e-commerce stores, he now specializes in helping agencies and their clients grow with website and content planning. His ultimate goal is to help his clients create and optimize content that can attract visitors and increase conversions.

The Problem

There’s barely enough time in the day for Fraser to create and optimize all the content he needs to. Before Frase, he was spending hours doing in-depth research on topics in order to create high-quality content that would perform. Then, he’d spend even more time optimizing that content with keyword and topic research. As Fraser puts it, “To earn SEO success, there’s a huge journey beforehand. Research, content creation, web user experience and link building are all factors that affect the volume and quality organic traffic.”

Fraser needed to find a tool that could help increase his content output without impacting its ability to perform well.

The Solution

Fraser turned to Frase as a tool that could help reduce the upfront work associated with creating and optimizing content without compromising that content’s quality. With Frase, he fundamentally altered his workflows in two key areas:

Automating Research for Content Briefs

Fraser uses Frase to accelerate his content creation workflow by automating the tedious research necessary to create the high quality content briefs that he distributes to content writers. The briefs are so thorough and well-researched that they result in excellent content on the first pass—he rarely has to send content back to writers for rewrites.

To create content briefs, Frase analyzes the top 20 results for a Google query, and automatically generates a content brief for it—what previously took Fraser hours, now takes him seconds.

As Fraser puts it, “…this tool will save you hours of research and you’ll have content relevant to the topic. Which gives you a better chance of ranking.”

Using AI to Streamline Content Optimization

Fraser began relying on Frase’s Content Optimization tool to ensure all of his content was well-positioned to outperform his competitors.

Fraser began using Frase topic scoring to instantly compare his content to the best-performing related content on the internet. Through this, he was able to automatically generate a clear blueprint of relevant topics around which he needed to write.

As a result, Fraser began easily identifying and including the topics that would level up his content and improve its ranking: “You write a blog post and it recommends the changes to the copy you need to make to ensure the page is 100% topically relevant.”

Frase will save you hours of research and you’ll have content relevant to the topic, which gives you a better chance of ranking.

Why Frase?

Just a few months after becoming a Frase customer, Fraser has created dozens of SEO documents and saved countless hours.

  • Dozens of AI-generated content briefs
  • 40% reduction in content creation time
  • Articles with over 20,000 impressions in under a month
  • A dramatic reduction in re-writes

Frase provided a solution that worked beautifully for Fraser’s content strategy and workflow: it automated the tedious aspects of creating and optimizing high-quality content without limiting his ability to control the final result. Now, Fraser can afford to spend less time on the aspects of content creation that aren’t enjoyable: research and and content-rewrites.

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