Fugue Case Study

How Fugue drastically improved content ROI, and revenue from organic search with Frase

About Fugue

Fugue ensures cloud infrastructure stays in continuous compliance with enterprise security policies. Their solution identifies cloud infrastructure security risks and compliance violations and ensures that they are never repeated. Fugue provides baseline drift detection and automated remediation to eliminate data breaches, and powerful visualization and reporting tools to easily demonstrate compliance.

Using Frase to Get Strategic Content to Rank

The Who

Diem Shin is the Director of Product Marketing at Fugue. She is responsible for developing and implementing go-to-market strategies to drive awareness, lead generation, and revenue for Fugue’s cloud security and compliance product. In this role, she owns the development of all value propositions, core content, and SEO strategies.

The Problem

Fugue competes in Cloud Security—a competitive space with lots of high quality content competing for views and clicks. An area of particular strategic importance is Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), which is a class of security tools as defined by Gartner that includes use cases for compliance monitoring, DevOps integration, incident response, risk assessment, and risk visualization.

Diem developed this webpage to educate her visitors on CSPM because Fugue is in this segment. The goal of the educational page was to drive traffic to Fugue’s site and products. Fugue was introduced to Frase.io by our SEO expert and he recommended using Frase.io to optimize our website content. In a crowded segment like CSPM, it’s hard to get your content noticed.

The Solution

Diem used Frase’s Topic Optimization tool to quickly identify the topics that needed to be added to her article in order to improve its SEO ranking. 

With Frase, she was able to instantly compare her content to the best-performing related content on the internet. Through this, she was able to automatically generate a clear blueprint of relevant topics around which she needed to write.

In one sitting, she was able to make all the changes necessary to go from ranking on the 10th page of Google to ranking on the 1st page. Fugue’s CSPM page is now the #1 content for organic search in Google.

I used Frase to optimize the CSPM webpage on Fugue's site. It is now ranking #1 on google search for CSPM.

Why Frase?

Frase is the only tool that offers Fugue the AI-powered tools that Diem needs to assist her along the entire content creation workflow—from ideation to creation to optimization. With Frase, she was able to achieve concrete and measurable results.

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