Florence by Mills Case Study

How Florence increased e-commerce transactions by 9% with Frase Answers

About Florence by Mills

Florence by Mills is a successful cosmetics ecommerce company based in Los Angeles, CA. They’re well known for their beauty products, and their founder Millie Bobby Brown (Mills) is a popular English actress with a whopping 40 million followers on Instagram.

Florence prides themselves on creating amazing products that are loved by their loyal fans, using safe ingredients that are free of dangerous chemicals or animal by-products, and they donate part of their proceeds to the Olivia Hope Foundation, whose mission is finding a cure for childhood cancers.

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Website Characteristics:

  • Over 750,000 monthly visitors
  • Direct, Organic Search, and Social Media are their top traffic sources
  • The website has site search, strong calls to action, and beautiful creative
  • A well-known influencer helps Florence drive a significant amount of branded traffic to their homepage

Florence needed help reducing live chat costs, and improving their conversion rate

The Who

Bridget Vitale, E-Commerce Manager at Beach House Group

bridget vitale

Bridget Vitale is the Ecommerce Manager at Beach House Group, the parent company of Florence by Mills. Bridget owns the website performance for Florence, and as a major ecommerce brand with tons of traffic, Bridget spends a lot of time thinking about ways to improve store sales and the overall customer experience.

The Problem

Traditional live chat wasn’t scalable, effective, or affordable for a high-traffic e-commerce site

With a high traffic ecommerce business, Florence loves the idea of offering live chat. The problem is that offering live chat for every visitor is nearly impossible – the volume of chats requires a massive customer service team that drives up their costs.

Quality of experience is also hard to manage with traditional live chat. With Florence’s website traffic being so high, the volume of live chats causes longer wait times, which causes their customers to log even more support tickets, or even worse.. abandon their session without buying.

Additionally, because Florence drives a ton of branded traffic to their homepage, visitors were having a tough time finding answers to the wide array of questions they have. The reality is that there’s only so much real estate on your homepage, your header/footer navigation, and your main body content.

When Florence’s visitors can’t find answers to questions immediately, it causes higher bounce rates and ultimately causes Florence’s conversion rate to suffer – a problem that if solved, has a tremendous amount of upside for new sales, and the overall brand experience.

The Solution

Florence by Mills turned to Frase Answers to accelerate the e-commerce buying journey

Bridget and the Florence team realized that by implementing Frase Answers, they could take advantage of the amazing content they’ve created and automate answers to questions that their visitors were having a tough time finding on their own.

Thousands of questions, especially on topics like return policy, shipping availability, the safety of their products on various skin types, etc. A huge win for the customers, and an even bigger win for the overall brand experience.

florence chatbot shipping answers

Because Frase collects data from tens of thousands of questions daily on the Florence website, Bridget and team were able to identify gaps that were causing their conversion rate to suffer. By optimizing the experience for questions related to products, Florence was able to trim the number of clicks required to get to their valuable product and checkout pages.

As a result, overall website engagement has skyrocketed, and so have their sales.

The Results

Florence experienced a 9% increase in e-commerce conversion rate, and cut customers service tickets by over 50%

  • Frase answers 34,000 questions, and engages over 17,000 visitors per month
  • Florence has increased their self-service resolution rate from 30%, to over 70%
  • Cut total number of customers service tickets by over 50%
  • When visitors engage with Florence’s bot, they visit 400% more pages per session, spend 300% more time on site, and most importantly – conversion rate improves by over 400%

The above results have dramatically improved results for Florence – in both new sales and cost savings. Bridget and her team have also found the customer insights gained from Frase invaluable – and can use those insights to improve their entire customer funnel.

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Why Frase?

Accelerate the e-commerce path to purchase

By using Frase, Florence has reduced the amount of wasted clicks in a typical e-commerce buying journey. Visitors can instantly ask a product question, and visit the checkout page to complete their purchase.

Increase website visitor engagement rate

Because Frase makes it easier for visitors to find what they want, visitor engagement has increased significantly – resulting in more pages per session and more time on site.

Improve efficiency of customer support

Florence has spent countless hours investing in great support docs, but customers don’t always know where to look, so they log a support case. Now with Frase answering questions 24/7, they’re able to reduce the monthly cost to support their customers, and re-invest that into future growth.

Collect customer insights at scale

Behind the scenes, Florence uses Frase AI to collect and organize customer questions at scale. As they use these insights to improve their web content, Frase is able to answer even more questions automatically. It’s a win-win.

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