Embryo Digital Case Study

Embryo Digital scales SEO content operations with Frase

About Embryo Digital

Embryo Digital is a multi-award-winning, search-led, innovative digital marketing agency specializing in  SEO, PPC, social media ads, content marketing and web design. They are trusted with growing the online presence of companies on a local, national and international scale. They work closely with clients to create highly innovative marketing campaigns that drive business.

Automated Content Briefs to Drastically Reduce Research Time

The Who

James Welch is a Director at Embryo Digital. On top of that, he’s an industry veteran that still manages to innovate month-on-month, year-on-year, with ideas, tools, marketing strategies, and online solutions built to weather current and future search climates. Having previously helped grow three search agencies he’s joined Embryo, after the company re-invigorated his fondness for the sector.

The Problem

Embryo Digital writes extremely long form content—usually around 6000 words each. As an SEO expert, James knows that this practice has a number of benefits, but the biggest is that it greatly improves performance. 

But James also knows that if he wants content to perform well, it can’t just be long. The whole thing has to be relevant to the topic they’re writing about, not just the first 20%. And making long form content that’s highly relevant to a given topic requires research. A lot of research. 

When it came down to it, James’ writers were spending most of their time researching instead of actually writing.

James needed a way to reduce research time without compromising the quality of that research.

The Solution

James’ team now uses Frase to accelerate their content creation workflow by automating the tedious research necessary to create high quality content briefs. As James puts it, “We use the wonderful content briefing tool, which reduces so much research time and allows our writers to focus on what they do best—writing!”

Frase Content Briefs analyze the top 20 results for a Google query and automatically generates a content brief for it. What previously took the team hours now takes them seconds. 

“We have easily saved at least one full-time employee’s equivalent in cost by using Frase. As a small company, this has been a lifesaver.”

Frase was an instant purchase for me and all of my content writers and SEO team.

Why Frase?

Just a few months after becoming a Frase customer, the Embryo Digital Team has created hundreds of SEO documents and saved countless hours:   

  • Over 800 content briefs generated with Frase in under a year. 
  • At least one FTE in cost savings
  • Significant reduction in content creation time  

Frase provided a solution that worked beautifully for Embryo Digital’s content strategy and workflow: it automated the tedious aspects of creating high-quality content without compromising quality.

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