Desktop Metal Case Study

Why Desktop Metal chose Frase over traditional live chat and increased conversion rate by 18%

About Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing with end-to-end metal 3D printing solutions. Founded in 2015 by leaders in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, the company is addressing the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality to make metal 3D printing an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers around the world.

How Desktop Metal uses Frase to automatically capture leads

The Who

Nick Parente, Marketing Manager at Desktop Metal

Nick Parente is the Marketing Manager at Desktop Metal, where he’s focused on finding creative new ways to generate leads and move prospects through the funnel. Before Desktop Metal, he was a brand marketer at Cyber Reason, where he managed and executed various campaigns and events designed to drive brand awareness and sales enablement.


The Problem

How do you provide on-demand answers to technical product questions and capture leads, automatically?

In 2019, Desktop Metal launched Fiber™, a revolutionary 3D printer being sold at a lower price than any of their other products, and, for the first time, with a self-service sales model.

But after launch, Desktop Metal’s “contact sales” form got inundated with questions about the new printer. The volume was so high, that sales reps started spending the majority of their time responding to top-of-funnel questions (how does it work?) about Fiber™ instead of managing leads and closing sales for their more expensive products with higher-touch sales processes.

Nick was faced with a dilemma. Should he shut down the contact sales form? Doing so would allow the sales reps to focus on their core objective. On the other hand, ignoring the product questions of new leads would undoubtedly negatively impact the likelihood that those leads would complete a purchase.

Nick needed a way to provide answers to questions instantly, and without distracting the Sales Team from bottom-of-the-funnel sales opportunities or reducing lead volume.

"We realized that most online experiences at Desktop Metal were beginning with a question. If we can be helpful at that moment and offer real value by instantly delivering the answer they’re looking for, they’re more likely to stay on the website, browse our other printers, experience the brand, and, ultimately, buy something."

The Solution

Frase uses Desktop Metal’s website content to answer questions and capture leads, automatically.

Nick implemented the Frase Answer Assistant on Fiber’s website in order to instantly answer inbound questions.

No more delayed answers to technical questions. No more burdening the sales team with top-of-funnel conversations.

What’s more, after Desktop Metal connected Frase’s email capture feature to their CRM, they saw an 18% increase in leads for the Fiber printer. All of which were captured automatically.

Turns out, visitors to Desktop Metal’s website were much more likely to advance through the sales process after they’d gotten an answer to a question.

On top of that, the tool provided valuable insight into the types of questions that Desktop Metal didn’t have content capable of answering, and helped them build a comprehensive plan around creating content that could fill those gaps.



With Frase, Desktop Metal increased leads for their Fiber™ 3D printer by 18%

Desktop Metal was able to drive business outcomes by providing instant answers to site visitors with questions, all without the costs associated with burdening an existing team or creating a new one.

And the best part was that it only took Nick a couple days to get Frase up and running. As Nick put it,

“One big motivation behind Frase vs Live Chat was the ease of getting it all loaded and ready to go. Instead of manually building out playbooks or decision trees, Frase just crawled all of our existing content, which we spend a lot of time creating. The barrier to get up and running was very low.”

Why Frase?

Focus on automatically answering questions

Desktop Metal wanted a tool that would be able to automate the process of educating its website visitors in real time, without building a new dedicated team to do so.

Automatic lead capture

Lead capture has become both more effective and automatic with Frase. Email capture makes it easy to collect contact information of site visitors after they get a question answered.

Make content play an active role in the buyer’s journey

Instead of content playing a passive role in the back of the website, Desktop Metal wanted to use it to deliver answers to their visitors. 

Low implementation cost

Unlike live chat, Frase doesn’t require the creation and maintenance of complex decision trees, playbooks, or Q+A logic. Just connect it to the content you already have and set it loose. 

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