Atolla Case Study

How Atolla automated their eCommerce sales funnel and increased conversions by 600%

About Atolla

Atolla is a skin health company that leverages machine learning to deliver personalized skin serums using an individual’s actual skin data. Atolla’s algorithm works to determine which ingredients should go into your serum and continues to evaluate your skin’s needs as you provide updates on your account. Atolla then changes and adjusts your formula over time to hit the goals and outcomes that you have in mind.

The Who

Sid Salvi, Co-Founder at Atolla

Sid left MIT Sloan after the first year of his MBA to start Atolla. Before MIT, he worked at Kurt Salmon (now part of Accenture Strategy) helping retailers and brands incorporate predictive analytics into their operations. He started his data science career building machine learning models to help large CPG brands optimize marketing spend.

The Problem

Unanswered questions cause potential customers to abandon their carts

Sid had a unique challenge: he needed a seamless way to put a particularly picky and discerning audience at ease about the quality and efficacy of Atolla’s product. Put simply, customers of boutique skincare products won’t put anything on their skin unless they’re 100% sure it belongs there.

Atolla’s site visitors were conducting extensive product research before completing their purchase. This was evident through the high volume of pre-purchase product information questions the support team was fielding as well as a higher-than-expected cart abandonment rate—a clear indication that, even at the last stage of the sales funnel, the buyer had unanswered questions.

As Sid puts it, “One thing we’ve learned is that if anyone has unanswered questions about our product while on our site, they won’t complete a purchase.”

To address this problem, Atolla built an extremely comprehensive FAQ section on their site. In it, they addressed everything they could think of—from questions about the product to the methodology to the return policy. But the inbound questions and cart abandons didn’t stop.

Atolla needed a new way to provide answers to common questions in real-time and without distracting its prospective customers from the buying journey.

One thing we’ve learned is that if anyone has unanswered questions about our product while on our site, they won’t complete a purchase. Frase helps us make sure that nobody needlessly bounces off the site.

The Solution

Frase uses Atolla’s website content to instantly provide answers to 84% of inbound questions.

Atolla implemented the Frase Answer Assistant, which accessed Atolla’s blog, about page, product page, and FAQ’s in order to instantly provide answers to 84% of all inbound questions.

Engagement numbers for Frase users on the Atolla website skyrocketed: average session duration increased 660% and average pages per session increased 313%. In other words, people that were getting answers to questions were engaging more with the site. Much more.

Even better, the conversion rate among people that used Frase was 6X better than those that didn’t.

What’s more, the tool provided critical insight into the types of questions that Atolla didn’t have content capable of answering, and helped them build a comprehensive plan around creating content that could fill those gaps.

As a result, their Frase Answer Assistant gets stronger, their content becomes better suited to answer questions, and their customer experience becomes more seamless every day.

The Results

Atolla experienced a 6X higher conversion rate when visitors used Frase. 

With Frase, Atolla was able to drive business outcomes while also improving customer experience. The following results were achieved for Atolla site visitors that used Frase:

  • 6X increase in conversion rate
  • 660% increase in average session duration
  • 313% increase in average pages per session
  • 84% of questions answered instantly

Why Frase?

Focus on understanding visitor needs

Instead of attempting to manage live chat, Atolla wanted to deeply understand what their visitors needed, so they could optimize their website content accordingly.

Make content play an active role in the buyer’s journey

Instead of content playing a passive role in the back of the website, Atolla wanted to use it to deliver answers to their visitors. What’s more, they wanted their content to drive sales and reduce cart abandons. 

Effective content creation

By understanding user intent, Atolla can effectively create new Answer Content that drives purchase behavior.

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