Introducing Frase SEO Insights: The Data You Need To Dominate The SERPs

Whether you are a seasoned SEO professional or are using Frase to streamline your content creation process, one thing we consistently hear from our customers is this:

We need more actionable data. ☝️

And that makes a ton of sense. Because the reality is that it’s getting harder and harder to gain attention today – not easier. Even if you craft the perfect blog post that feels like it was tailor-made for your target audience – will that content have achieved its goal if your target audience never sees it?

We’ve all been there. Nobody likes seeing their content slowly slip to Page 2 of your blog feed, never to be seen or heard from again.

So that got us thinking – is there a way that we could introduce critical SEO metrics to better enable you and your team to drive more ROI from your content?

That’s why we built Frase SEO Insights.

What You Get With Frase SEO Insights

Frase SEO Insights allows you to instantly access and act on key SEO metrics right from within the Frase Content editor. 

With Frase SEO Insights, you’ll have access to the following:

Expanded Question Research & Search Volume Access

We’ve now added the ability to include results from Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) and Google Autocomplete boxes, along with monthly total search volume for those questions. 

When you consider how much real estate is taken up by a Featured Snippet and People Also Ask for many search queries, it’s incredibly important to eat up as much SERP real estate as possible. 

With Frase Question Research, you’ll now have access to the questions that are being asked, the source of the question(s), as well as the traffic opportunity that each Q&A can provide.

Collect the best questions to answer, and easily create or update an existing article with helpful answers to questions that will drive highly qualified traffic to your website. 

Now you can put your best work into answering the questions, not collecting the data. All right from within the Frase Content editor.

Here’s what a beta user of this data had to say about this feature:

“Absolutely amazing! I’ve use another tool that pulls from People Also Ask and Quora, but yours does autocomplete and also reddit. But… but… the most amazing part is how I can use your tool. With the other tool, I’m limited to my original query. But in Frase, I can use the question-ideas features for subheadings/subtopics inside my main article. I’m blown away. NO other tool that I can think of offers this functionality or speed.”

Domain Authority + Backlink Metrics

In addition to the added Question Research capabilities, we’ve added a feature to analyze both the Domain Authority & Backlinks for a topic that you would like to rank for.

Here’s how it works:

  • Avg. Domain Authority: When you create a new article or update an existing article with Frase, you may want to know how competitive the ranking domains are for that topic. Now you can quickly assess the strength of competitive domains at a glance, and make smart decisions on how you should approach the topic. 

    This is great for newer websites, or if you’re in a competitive niche and need to assess the likelihood that you’ll rank your article for the target topic. You may make a decision to optimize for a different topic if the hill looks too steep to climb, or put in that extra effort to compete against more established brands.

    Another useful way to use this feature is when you re-visit content that has lost some ground to new (or improved) competition. Over time things change – that’s why we want to give you the tools to assess the situation and respond quickly, and easily.
  • Avg. (Total) Backlinks: Get quick insights into the average number of backlinks that competitive articles have for a given topic. 

    If you’re a seasoned SEO, you know that all links aren’t created equal and that a true backlink analysis requires quite a bit of research. However, this data may help you more quickly calculate:
    • How long it will take you to outrank the competition assuming you understand how many links you’re typically able to build each month/quarter/year.
    • How much of an investment in time & resources is required to outrank the established players. Since none of us have unlimited resources, this feature will help you quickly identify SEO low hanging fruit and make better time and resource investment decisions.
  • Processed Sources: Just looking at the average numbers for both Domain Authority & Backlinks isn’t enough – you need control over the data so you can cut out outliers, and get to useful data.

    That’s why we built an option for you to self-select which results to analyze. You can hand-select results from the top 10, or open it up and pick all sources. We wanted to leave this in your hands so you can have full control over every aspect of your decision making.
  • Compare with your Doc: We’ve added comparison metrics so you can quickly analyze how your current document stacks up against the results you’ve either hand-selected (from the Processed Sources), or collected from the all Top 10 results.

    Now in real-time, you’ll see how your article stacks up for all relevant and important competitive benchmark metrics such as:
    • Avg. Topic Score
    • Avg. Word Count
    • Avg. Sections
    • Avg. Question Sections
    • Avg. Links
    • Avg. Images
    • Avg. Domain Authority
    • Avg. Backlinks

Combine Multiple Queries or Domains

Frase SEO Insights allows you to combine:

  • Up to 5 Unique Search Queries in One Document – Enter up to 5 different search queries to see how your content stacks up to all competitors for a group of topics.

    Tip: Combine multiple keywords using a topic cluster approach, plug them into Frase, and see the average topic scores, domain authority & document structures across a range of competitive results. 
  • Up to 5 Unique Domains in One Document – Have you ever wondered how your friends talk about you when you’re not around? Frase allows you to snoop on your competitors by plugging in up to 5 unique domains and analyzing how they stack up on a specific topic, or set of topics.

    Tip: Take your top 5 competitors, plug in a topic that you want to rank for, use Frase to analyze how your competition talks about the topic you’ve entered, and pick out the best parts. Then, create an ultimate guide that beats them on traffic, rankings, and positions you as the true industry expert.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? We created a help doc walking you through the process of adding SEO data to your Frase account.

Are you an AppSumo customer? Here’s a helpful video showing you how you can add SEO Insights to your lifetime plan.

Already using? We would love to hear from you. As we incorporate more and more features to help you do SEO more effectively, the Frase team would love to learn how we can help you even more. ? Drop us a line on Twitter.