Introducing Frase NLG: Now You Can Turn SERP Analysis Into Original Research Faster Than Ever With AI

There has never been more opportunity as a search professional than there is today.

As a result, SEO competition has never been higher. SEOs now look to technology to help them scale and solve problems in ways that your competition might be sleeping on. Just a small advantage can be the difference-maker. That’s why many of you love Frase Content.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been watching closely, talking to many of you on calls, and watching how our customers use the product and one thing is clear: We need to help you scale, and do higher quality work faster.

What is Frase NLG?

Frase NLG (Natural Language Generation) is artificial intelligence software designed to create content based on text inputs. Our NLG is trained over billions of documents, and attempts to gain a universal understanding of the world through language.

Some examples of language models include BERT, Pegasus, GPT-3, to name a few.

Think about all of the rich insights you get from Frase’s SERP analysis – passages, headers, FAQs, and large blocks of text from the top 20 results for your target keyword(s). It’s rich with insights that are invaluable when you need to turn keywords into a content brief.

But here’s the thing: turning those snippets into original research is incredibly hard and time consuming.

Frase solved the first part of the process by helping you collect and organize the information you need. The next step is to help you process and produce something of value from it faster, and easier. That day has arrived with Frase NLG, and this is just the start.

Isn’t Frase NLG the same thing as GPT-3?

Not quite. Frase does not use GPT-3.

Frase NLG is focused on outputs that require compression and synthesis. That’s not where GPT-3 excels. GPT-3 based tools such as Copysmith, Shortly, ConversionAI, CopyAI, Nichesss all do one thing really well – they help you generate net new text.

But in order for GPT-3 tools to create content that’s unique, these tools need unique inputs. If you and your competitors are using the same sources of data, you can see where that becomes a problem.

Google (and other search engines) love content that’s uniquely valuable. We see that in search quality guidelines, and we see that re-enforced in the recent product reviews algorithm update.

End of the day, if you don’t want your content to become a commodity, you need to control the quality of your input. As content quantity becomes easier and more cost-effective to produce, there’s a heightened emphasis on quality. That’s why we built Frase NLG.

Two ways Frase NLG helps you create better content

There are a few immediate ways Frase users can benefit from our NLG technology:

Frase FAQ Automation

Optimizing your content for question answering is one of the easiest ways to snag valuable featured snippets, drive search impressions and make your content helpful to the reader.

The problem with “traditional” FAQ optimization is that we’re all using the same tools to find questions with search volume, and sometimes the biggest wins come from sources that you won’t find in a keyword research tool.

Now with Frase NLG, you can highlight a passage from the SERP and we’ll automatically generate FAQs that are directly related to the selected passage. All you have to do is point and click.

Frase Outline Generation

Let’s say you find a great section of content in a competitor’s article and you want to address that same topic in your article. Instead of copying their header and re-phrasing it, now you can instantly generate headers and outlines from a block of text.

We call this passage optimization, it helps you quickly capture the takeaways from sections of content.

The easiest way to try this in Frase is to navigate to Top Results > Click “robot” icon for passage of interest. You will see how Frase writes an outline based on the selected passage.

What NLG means for the future of Frase

As I mentioned above, the quality of your work relies on the quality of the input. The first step for Frase is to provide tools to help you get more out of the analysis you already have in Frase.

What’s coming next for us? We would love to hear what you would like for us to build next. Please share feedback and ideas in Frase Insider – The Official Frase User Group.

How to get started using Frase NLG

Frase NLG is included in Team plans (and above). If you purchased Frase during our AppSumo launch, you have full access to Frase NLG.

If you are currently on our Basic plan and would like to upgrade to try these features out, log into Frase > Settings > Subscription and select the team plan. As soon as you upgrade you’ll have access to the new features.

We’ll also be hosting a webinar to do a deep dive on the new features, and show you examples of how you can take full advantage of Frase NLG. Register below. 👇