We had a question on our minds a few weeks ago:

What if we combined the ease-of-use of tools like Canva templates, with the powerful insights you get inside of Frase? ?

How much easier, more robust, and user-friendly could Frase get? And ultimately, how can we create a user experience that helps you create repeatable, scalable processes right within Frase? Something critical to success as you scale up your content operations.

…and that was the birth of Frase Content Templates:

What are Frase Content Templates?

Frase Templates are pre-configured documents that can be completely customized for your brand. Our goal is to provide a completely open-ended template that you can use to streamline workflows from within Frase.

Prior to templates, you had two options when creating a new document in Frase:

  1. Start From Scratch – After you input your starting criteria and select your goal (create or optimize), you use the editor to hand-select the elements and paste them into the document one at a time.
  2. Automate Content Brief – Similar to the above, but we provide a completely automated outline for your selected topic(s). Many of our users would trim the automated brief down after pasting – which is faster, but not an ideal process.

Now instead of being forced to either start from scratch, or use a pre-configured template that may, or may not fit your business objectives, we give you the keys to how you want to structure the data within Frase.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a new document in Frase, select “Create with Template”:

2. Select ‘Import from Library’ or ‘New Template’.

Frase users who are on the Growth Plan, or above will have the ability to create custom templates. If you’re using the Free or Basic plan, you can select a pre-configured template from the library and import directly into Frase (more on that below).

Import from Library: This option sends you to the Frase Content Templates library. These templates are available to all users, and over time we will be adding templates submitted from industry experts on topics such as:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Governance
  • Content Audits
  • Digital PR / Link Building Outreach
  • Pillar & Cluster Content
  • … and much much more

[PS – Have an idea for a template? Send us a tweet]

Once you select the template you would like to use, that template will be saved under the ‘Pick a Template’ menu, so you won’t need to continually visit the library.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the template and confirm it’s the right one for you, click Import Template and you’ll be well on your way to creating in Frase.

Note: If you don’t see ‘Import Template’ you’re either A) not logged into Frase, or B) you don’t have an account yet. Creating a Frase account is 100% free.

New Template: This option sends you to the new template creation flow. Give your template a name, and click ‘Create Template’.

Once you’ve started your template, you’ll be brought to the below screen, with two primary steps to take:

  1. Input Your Strategy: Using Frase’s built-in content tools, re-create your process docs, guidelines, strategy and enablement materials.

    Since Frase allows you to easily pick and place elements from the editor, you’ll want to leave space for your team to input Frase data (when appropriate).
  2. Save & Share: Once you’re happy with your template, click ‘Save’ and your template is automatically saved to your template menu in the document creation flow.

    If you want to get started right away using your template, click ‘Share’. From there you can import right into the Frase creation flow and start using your new template(s) immediately.

Wrapping Up

Frase templates take all of the valuable insights you have inside of Trello, Notion, saved on your local computer, and everywhere else – and we put it right in front of the people who need it most – your writers.

Instead of starting from scratch, or using our default templates, you can use these in any way you can imagine. We can’t wait to see how you use templates.

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