How to Optimize Content using Frase [GUIDE]

Search engines reward publishers who keep their content fresh and accurate. Creating new content is obviously important, but you may find greater ROI by doubling down on your best content and continuously optimizing it. Learn more about how AI is changing SEO and content optimization.

Frase scores your content for a given search query, and recommends specific topics to make your content win at organic search.

1. Create a new document

Select the Content Optimization document type while creating a new document.

2. Import content

Input the URL you want to optimize (for already published content) or copy and paste your content directly. Then enter your Target Search Query (which is the query you want to rank for).

3. Render document and process competitor’s content

Frase will render your content in the editor.  On the right panel, Frase analyzes the top 20 search results for your Target Search Query and benchmarks their topics against yours.

4. Review insights

The right panel will display multiple data points related to content optimization

  • Avg. Word Count
  • Target Score: the top performing score across competitors
  • Your content score
  • List of topics: each topic shows the average number of times the topic was mentioned across results. You will see a color coded score on the left side which tells you the number of mentions for the topic in your content.

5. Identify topic gaps

Be sure to pay attention to those topics where your content is zero (gray color) or orange (below average). Click on a topic to understand where the topic gets mentioned across the results. This will provide context on how your competitors are covering the topic.

6. Update your content with fresh information

Browse Frase generated summaries or read full articles within the tool and directly add content and citations to your document.

7. Review score

Once you are done optimizing your content, click “Topics” to re-evaluate your content score.

8. Export

If you are happy with your updated content score, you can export your new amazing content in multiple formats.