Frase Docs Are Now Publicly Editable

Today is a big day for Frase. We’ve made some updates to common in-app workflows that we believe will increase the value of the platform even more.

You ready? Sweet. Let’s dive in.

Our New Document Creation Flow

You may (or may not) have noticed a small change to the new document creation flow. There are now 3 specific choices you can make:

  1. Create Brief
  2. Create Content (New)
  3. Optimize Content

Why did we make this change?

After speaking with many of you, we realized that we needed to be more clear about what your goals are when creating a new document with Frase.

In order for us to achieve that goal, we made two key updates:

Clear Flows Based On Your Goal

Content Brief

Now when you access the brief creation flow for the first time, you’ll see a guided brief creation pane on the right side.

What this helps you do is either automatically paste the automated brief into the editor, or self-select what automated brief elements you want to include and in what format (table or list).

If you’ve already created briefs before, you can click ‘Workflows’ and access all of these elements with the click of a button.

Over time we plan to put a heavy emphasis on workflows – helping you get more done – faster, easier and better. Combine this new brief selection with a custom template, and you’ll be creating better briefs, in half the time.

Publicly Editable Documents – Totally Free

Create Content

When you select ‘Create Content’ from the document creation flow, you’ll be brought to a blank document. But here’s the best news: These docs are now publicly editable.

That means you can:

  1. Click ‘Create Content’
  2. Plug in your keywords
  3. Frase will automatically extract data
  4. Click Export > Share Link (editable)
  5. Send to your writer for completion

If you’re a Frase user who has been using multiple tools out of necessity, today is the day (finally) where you can consolidate workflows and do the entire spectrum from within Frase.

Optimize Content

If you have Google Search Console integrated to Frase, you’ll be able to spot quick and easy content optimization opportunities with our Google Traffic feature.

With the click of a button, you’ll be brought to the optimization flow for fine-tuning, or you can start from the new doc creation flow.

Either way, you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up a new Frase optimization doc, load the content into Frase, click Export > Share Link (editable) and assign to your writer.

You can copy the URL, and plug into your project management tasks, or send to them directly. It’s that easy.

Wrapping Up

With publicly editable docs, there are now a world of opportunities available to you with Frase that previously were difficult, or cumbersome to achieve.

Now you can work even more seamlessly with external writers, have clear workflows for each of your Frase projects, and ultimately – work more effectively.

PS – One thing that would be a huge help is to let the world know how excited you are about this new capability. Here’s an easy way to help us spread the word on Twitter.

Thank you!