Welcome to the Answer Economy

Welcome to the

Answer Economy

The new way brands create self-service experiences

Your future customers expect answers everywhere, instantly

The days of forcing consumers to engage with your sales team are over πŸ‘‹

β€œ53% of US online adults abandon their purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question on their own.”


When you make helpful answers easy to find, consumers can:

βœ… Make faster purchasing decisions

βœ… Find more ways to use your product

βœ… Learn how to Invite their friends

βœ… Solve their own support issues

βœ… Get answers on their time, not yours

To be more helpful, brands have been adding tools all over the funnel

... and each of them is run by different teams, with their own goals and processes

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SEO Tools

Marketing Team

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Sales Team

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On-Site Search

Product Team

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Live Chat

Support Team

But, fragmented experiences lead to increased friction..

... and more friction leads to lower conversion rates πŸ“‰

So we decided to build a better way, powered by A.I.

Using content from all of your websites, we train the AI to answer questions everywhere

answer economy after

... and it gets smarter over time, so you can re-invest your time and resources

Frase helps you achieve this vision with three primary tools:

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Frase Content

Optimize your marketing content to rank #1, and answer questions in search engines

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Frase Answers

Optimize your web experiences to answer questions across the entire buying journey

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Frase API

Optimize your apps to deliver answers. Send answers wherever, whenever you need them

Need ROI? Frase impacts the entire customer lifecycle πŸ“ˆ

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More organic traffic

By optimizing web content for instant answers and featured snippets

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More pages per session

By answering follow-up questions with proactive search experiences

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More first-party data

By collecting and organizing rich, actionable data from visitor searches

conversion rate icon

Higher conversion rates

By sending visitors to your money-making pages, faster and easier

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Less support tickets

By automating answers to support questions using your knowledgebase

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More brand trust

By creating trustworthy experiences your visitors and customers will love

Desktop Metal increased qualified sales leads by over 18% πŸš€

Nick Parente
Marketing Manager

We realized that most online experiences at Desktop Metal were beginning with a question...

If we can be helpful at that moment and offer real value by instantly delivering the answer they’re looking for they’re more likely to:

βœ”οΈ Stay on the website

βœ”οΈ Browse our other printers

βœ”οΈ Experience the brand

βœ”οΈ Make a purchase

Ready to get started?

We can't wait to show you what's possible with Frase