Getting Started with Frase Content

Learn the Frase Content basics with educational videos and guides.

Get a feel for the basic functionality of Frase.

Don’t know what to write about? Use the AI-powered Outline Builder.

Learn how to create AI-powered Content Briefs in 11 seconds.

Learn the basics of optimizing and refreshing content with Frase.

Getting Started with Frase Content

1. The Stages of an Effective Content Workflow  📚

Developing a standardized and thoughtful workflow is the ultimate cheat code when it comes to creating consistently high-quality content.

2. Incorporating Frase into your Content Workflow 📅

Whether you work with in-house writers or freelancers, Frase is better together. Learn how to share documents, add users, and manage projects in Frase.

3. How to Generate Outlines in Frase 🔭

How do you make sure you’re creating content that your audience actually wants to read? Our Outline Builder makes it easy.

4. Using Frase Content Briefs to Prepare your Writers ✍️

Gone are the days of sending your writers a single keyword and hoping for the best. With Frase, you can create full-length, best-in-class content briefs in minutes, not hours.

5. Using Frase to Create Content that Ranks🏆

Frase puts ocean of top-notch research at your fingertips so that you can be confident your content will be SEO-strong right out of the gate.

6. How to Optimize and Refresh Old Content with Frase 🌱

Creating brand new content is only half the battle. A good SEO strategy also means keeping tabs on the performance of existing content so that you can revive and refresh it when needed.